patterns is one of these projects I started working on because I needed it for another project but discovered that the functionality I needed simply wasn’t there yet. What started out with the aim to convert just roman numeral to numbers and vice-versa, ended up in adding alpha numeral (like in the column names in a spreadsheet) as well.


This project features a code library what can be used to convert and parse certain numbering patterns to actual numbers. The library can convert the following numbering patterns to numbers and vice-versa:

  • Roman numeral
    I = 1, X = 10, C = 100, ...
  • Alpha numeral
    A = 1, C = 3, AA = 53, ...

The library can also be used to parse text to the right numbering pattern, for example I?II is recognized as III (the roman numeral for 3). However this is not the main functionality of this library and actually should be separated from it.


A tiny but quite popular library, since there wasn’t anything like this available yet, quite some people seem to enjoy it and use it.

More about this project:

Would you also like to check out this library? The library is publicly available on the NPM repository.