of posting from WordPress to your social media, a solution what is already solved by many WordPress plugins, it should also be possible to simply post something on your social media resulting in the creation of a post on your WordPress website.

That is exactly what the WordPress Plugin: “Social Media Scraper” does, it scans your social media account for new posts and publishes them on your WordPress website. This process of downloading and uploading posts is called scraping.


During this project the focus was initially to support scraping for at least one social media platform, in the future this number might increase. Overall the plugin developed during this project is capable of the following:

  • Download data from a social media account and upload the posts and media attached to them to your WordPress website;
  • Manually run or schedule when to check for new data;
  • Limit how many posts should be scraped.


A WordPress plugin what can scrape media from a specified social media account and publish it on your WordPress website.

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